The HUB Stadium offers a long list of Popular Craft Beer, mostly from Michigan, but the most amazing aspect of our beer is the Bottoms Up Draft Beer System. Our beer fills the glass from the bottom up, pouring the perfect pint, with the perfect head, every time.


Our short and sweet wine list has been carefully selected and is comprised of what we consider to be the best examples of the varietals we offer. We also offer the opportunity to pre-order any selection of wine for your event. We can schedule a one-on-one tasting with a wine expert to help you come up with the perfect pairing for your food selections for a large event.


Our Cocktail Menu has been carefully procured and is comprised of some of our favorite, classic drinks from the 80’s and 90’s. Take a stroll down Memory Lane and enjoy a cocktail that is reminiscent of your glorious youth, and for you “twenty-somethings”, you will find that it doesn’t take a tincture and a twenty dollar bill to make it worth drinking. We are guilty; however, of using the finest spirits, juices and garnishes and pride ourselves in creating consistent, perfectly balanced and delicious drinks. Cheers!